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Translation involves converting written material (such as documents, websites, leaflets, marketing campaigns etc.) from one language into another (in my case, from English into Swiss-German, i.e. the Standard German used in Switzerland).


Editing involves comparing a translated document (the target document) against the original document (the source document), correcting any mistakes and making any necessary editorial/stylistic changes to make it sound more natural.

Proofreading - Bilingual

This involves checking the translated document against the original document for grammatical/spelling mistakes, omissions, punctuation and correct formatting, but no editorial/stylistic changes.

Proofreading - Monolingual

This involves checking the translated document for grammatical/spelling mistakes, punctuation and correct formatting, without comparing to the original document or editorial changes.


Localisation involves adapting a text that has been translated into or written in 'German for Germany' into Swiss-German, including spelling, terminology, grammar and cultural references.


I have the facility to transcribe audio and video files in Swiss-German dialects, Standard German and English, and – if desired – translate the transcripts. Transcription and translation are two different services and will be charged as such. I will be happy to provide a quote once I have had the chance to hear/see the source material.

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